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Improving your HR starts with choosing the right software to help you do the job. In this FREE COMPARISON GUIDE, we've compared the features of top HR softwares so you don't have to!



What's Inside?


Infinity HR

InfinityHR is a powerful and simple cloud-based human resource solution that automates all HR-related activities. It is available in two versions, Professional and Premium, to allow businesses to pick and choose the features they need. 



Sage HRMS enables businesses to optimize their human resources department with many tools and applications in one easy-to-use software. It ensures that small to medium-sized businesses have all the features they need for processes including recruitment, talent management, development, and more.


Sage People

Sage People is an scalable, enterprise-level software that streamlines the workplace management process by covering core HR needs such as talent acquisition, communication, and people analytics.


Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR is a user-friendly human resources solution designed to resemble a simple website. It is easy to implement and covers anything your human resources department would need, from benefits administration to time off tracking.


Workday HR

Workday HR offers an extensive amount of human resources services for medium to large companies including recruiting, talent and benefits management, and compensation. It also conveniently enables users to access the suite on their mobile devices.


Solution Comparison Chart

The comparison book also includes a helpful chart that will allow you to see the features of each HR solution side-by-side to determine which software is the best fit for your business.

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